God Ok I'll skip the formalities and things about me being too anxious to write anything then I'll also skip the fact that I start ironically writing actually too much without noticing (just like now)....So this time, this'll be a short one... Something's really bad happening to me...

So I'm writing to you live from my dear, lovely boring school's private computer in the library. Which is only barricaded by 3 wooden sticks so... It's up to you to use your "imagination", and when I mean "private", I mean there are like... I dunno maybe 5 people glancing to my screen 500 times in a minute so the sake of the word "private" is also up to you... but anyways, we're pretty fussy about this whole book 7 name thing even if I dont show it here's a few smileys to show my enthuiasm... enjoy: :D :D

yeah, I know, pretty mature. Anyways yeah, my mom promised (or tried to be sure I wont explode her phone by shouting at it a lot) that we'll have a party after school and I have 3 hours left... Damn... :P and its not (again) "private" lesson time with other primary scool youngsters soo... Yeah Im Ok i think. I'll be in touch, see ya!

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