Oh hi, didn't see you there... Well, yeah I really can't see you though...

Soorry for that weird intro, I just wanted to start an afternoon with a nonsensical sentence, sorry, it'll never happen again I hope :P

So, I'm gonna cut this VERY short, weird for me actually, if you've seen my previous entries, I go pretty energetic when it comes to something with Skul ^^

real entry starts here-------Oh sorry, away from the subject again right... Well that's hat I'm gonna write about actually, that was pretty right in time! I was thinking of some titles for different levels of fans of Skulduggery like there should be a low level, and a worrisome level , which I belong to... But I'm really bad at finding names for these levels... An example, the only name I could think of for my little cousin was "Bob" and then she came out to be a girl but I still called him Bob... Pretty emarrassing :/

So, what do you think? Should there be something like this, like there's one for Harry Potter you know, "potterhead"? That's... a weird name actually... So maybe something like that but I would feel a little disoriented if I called myself a "Pleasant-head" :P... So let's hear from you ^^

[Oh and it would be rude if I didn't say I had this idea from one of Manga's blog entries you know, the one about how many edits you make you have an achievement, it gave me inspiration... Thanks bro ;D]

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