Hey everyone.... I'm sayin this to every other people I'm imagining right now, who are reading this... Because I know nobody's reading this but I feel pretty excited so I have a kind of feeling that writing and typing these words to nowhere is kind of relieving you know... No stress on the first day... You can simply call it a teenager fantasy ;) So, as you may realise (if there is a real person reading this of course...), I'm new here and this is my first day here, yay! :D So, I started reading Skulduggery since nearly -umm....- 1 year or something...- yeah, I started to read the first book on my birthday last year, which is tomorrow *yippeee!!!*, and I fell in love with Skulduggery on the 28th page ^^... Another fantasy from me :D You know, girls at my age from, where I'm from, are usually interested on stupid gossips and those love thingies, oh whatever you call them and I actually find it pretty classic and disgusting cause you know, in nearly all the high school movies, there are gossipers, nerds, bullies, and unfortunately, my high school is no different than those ;P So I can say I'm the only one who really isn't classic in our school ^^ So yeah, I'm so obsessed with Skulduggery and also I can guess, everyone does ;) *boys arent counted, I'm not a weirdo ;)*.

So, here's a little fact about me... I like using weird evil smiley faces because they describe me very well like " >;D" this is my "most-used" smiley face there :D Andd, if I would be a sorcerer and can be that kind of magic user who could change magic types -llike skulduggery ;)- I would choose -different than the others- Necromancy, because I like doing unusual things because I am an unusual human being after all and yeah, I'm DEAD.... kiddin, not stealing Skulduggery's charismatic quote ;)... I'm from New Jersey but my folks are from Texas Houston, so I can't decide which one should I call myself you know... But I'm actually proud of myself cause I also have some Texan blood same as Sanguine's cause I have to admit, I always admired that guy ;D Soo, sorry for writing this long but if there's no one reading this, then it's just me writing on my own and prooving I'm going insane by writing by myself (knowing nobody's reading this of course ^^) to my parents. Say hi mom :D

So, I think I'm gonna eat something, cause whenever I talk about my obssessions, I usually sweat like a pig and my blood sugar just.... I dunno, breaks down or something, I was never good at those medical terms ^^ And this was also an unnessesary and also pretty disturbing fact about me... :D

Bye people :D *god, im still writing "people".... why am i still so hopeful about the readers of my blog page... Darn...."*

Skulduggery Pleasant

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