You know that feelin when you see something and you go totally nuts and maybe faint without noticing and jumping/weeping all around then you realise its a lie?.... Right, probably not, but believe me, the results are quiet impressive and highly amusing from the viewers POV... but for the "victim".... no, not so sure about that, to be honest.

So basically I'm that naive victim... (yeah, it was obvious actually)

But this aint the reason im here you know. got only 12 minutes for the end of the lunch break and a weirdo's watching me, wo hoo!!! feelin holy today and energetic, just ate another sandwich, oh no, wasnt supposed to do that..

NOOO!!! oh.... wait thats not our bell... WHOOO HOO! these elemantary bells give me the creeps you know, its usually beethoven so because of that, i think im gonna be the next Van Gogh or something, God!

(you can skip the weird intro) So yeah, anyone noticed that Brandon Fraiser and "released" news are quiet... no offense but, a lie? Can I edit it again there, I would love to re-edit my favourite page which gave me another innocent group of people who are scared of me. But anyways, it was a good disappointment. So, I've been thinking about that movie for weeks you know and I think I came up with a good ending you know, and I pretty much got this idea from Blacksworn, who must really be a director, I assure you, so we came up with this...

Yep, everyone's cool about a prequel in a way but yeah, maybe first the book, then maybe the prequel but you know, that part simply you know, sums everything up so maybe yeah, it may lower the adrenaline. but still, seeing skul human's simply amazing... oh and yeah, he ending, sorry. I'm chewing at the same time. Didn't I tell you not to bite me Jared?

Alright. So I think the best ending would be... maybe without Stephaine's dialogue with Skul but maybe, you know that amazing hans zimmer song from sherlock holmes? yeah, I think that'll suit the scene pretty good like...

that slow part when Steph's walking and observing Gordon's room and then the music stops at a point and Skul finally says "He died doing what he loved" and then she makes a dramatic turn and the song's like "BOOOM BOOM BOM BOOOM!!!!" and gives the credits, without showing Skul... Woo, genious eh? Yeah again thanks to Blacksworn for this amazing idea, cause we're gonna, as a whole class of a bunch of school kids, film it!!! :D yeah!! I'll try to put it on youtube or dailymotion or maybe this site (if its possible) when its edited finally :D sorry for writing too long, thank God 4 minutes left, yay! Ok last bite! *bites sandwich*... Right, I'm not gonna be able to run anymore I think, I'm totally filled with junk. So think I'll walk all th way from the library to my grade's floor so wish me luck! Bye!!
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