Hey everyone, who are reading this actually, I'm not still actually sure that there really is someone reading this, but you know, I'm tired of being pessimistic ^^ Soo... how are things going for me?.. Oh, thanks for asking... Nothing unusual... My life's full of adventure, I suppose, for a normal american girl.... Wow... I really stopped being pessimistic after all these years! Guess all I needed was a proper vacation and a little free time for myself because as you can guess -no matter how amazing and awesome it sounds- it feels good to be away from my class, who are like remnants... Once they get you, it's pretty hard to get them off, but you feel complete and awesome, even better when it comes to kids cause you know, nobosy likes swallowing a floating black carpet... Wow, I'm talking like a parent... BOO :/

So, before I get away from the subject, I shall start typing ^^ (finally! I didn't say "talking"! WOW :D) Anyways, I just wanted to read the death bringer's first 4 or 5 pages while I waited in the waiting room in a local hospital for my doctor since I always think of Dr.Nye when it comes to monthly check-ups, dunno why :D So I started reading. But something felt wrong and when I looked at the page number, I realised I just finished the book, again and didn't notice it... Damn >:/ But this time, my head was full of ideas and questions and all those weird mind thingies, and that's pretty much a good sign ^^ So this blog entry is about the HOLY death bringer, even if it doesn't look like it :D

Firstly, my class LOVED IT! They were all crying and stuff because they were laughing too much. And when we were reading the bit when Skul entered Val's room and those, I just crushed in front of the class when I realised that we were studying WW2 and Val was like "But HITLER" and I really crushed on to the floor and the kids were either laughing at me and the bit :D Those were the days ^^ I wish I had the power of Sanguine so I could instantly disappear in the ground, instead of crushing IN it :/ Oh well...

And, still in that room part, we -girls- couldn't help it but blush at the last part, which was pretty weird when the boys were like, What the hell?, and I was like , Oh man, grow up first Ok?... It was pretty embarrassing, actually... I'^m used to them ^^

Oh and then I finally realised that Derek Landy is such a genious... You know, I think that guy's IQ level has 4 digits or something, because I realised something he managed and notice and apply it to the book when no great writer could... And that really you know, made me boggle and I was like "Oh-my-god, this guy's holy..." then I was like "Holy Derek Landy!" and stuff outside my house and my neighbors joined me later on, which was the best bit. I'm glad nobosy came on to us with all those you know, torches and spikes and other stuff which villagers do, cause we looked like Nazis when we were all shouting seriously and rasing left hand... It was odd... "But Hitler..."

The thing was.. You know [SPOILERS], when that prick Tenebrae revealed that Skul was Lord Vile (here comes the awesome bit: ), when the other writers could have done it, he didn't, simply end the book... I mean, you learn that the hero is actually a phsyco evil, powerful villain and Val's like : o_O, and I was waiting for it to end, but it didn't!!! He knew we would be pretty much "What the heck..." if he did that and he took it further, I mean, with all my seriousness, I adore this guy. So let's shout all together, DEREK! *raise left hand*

And finally, this long text came to its end (phew, I'm all sweating now!) I wonder if any one of you managed to stay alive long enough for this bit since, Sorry :/ , this was VERY long indeed... Hope you liked it, I just let go everything you know ;) I really want to ask something to you guys, if you're still alive actually... Hello? *virtual poke from webcam*

Do you thing this is the END? You know... Every book has an end... Like Harry Potter... Oh, it started when I was a little kid and ooh... It lasted for a life time! :O I became a High schooler and still that damn Harry Potter! Man...! :O... But then I became all touchy you know... But I love Skul series more than any series so it would create a big emptiness in me if it were really over... It actually ends with Kenny (I think tat was the guy's name... Oh, I liked that guy) [spoilers] deciding to write a book... So.... Is Derek REALLY gonna let go of Skul and let Val continue without Skul?... Anyways, who knows what's holy Derek up to? :D But I wish it doesn't come to end, I'm not just ready for a crash... Never liked crying anyways ;) But this blog entry DOES need an end so here you go :D FREEDOM! *aise hand* or not!? >:D Just kiddin ;) See you all :D

Detective Inspector Me appears in Chapter 2 of Death Bringer.

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