...What an amazing blog entry title, isn't it? Yeah I know, I've been working on these type of titles for quite a long time just to be annoying... Well, I actually admit I'm annoying, since I just returned from Spain and my head is about to explode and I'm pretty sure it will if I continue talkin about it.. guhh, now I lost my ear, NOOOO!!!! I wonder how spacegrace dealed with it... Oh right, he glued it, genious... *grabs a glue*

  • places the ear in it's place* As I was saying, before I was interrupted by my ear.... I'm pretty tired, hungry and yeah I have a dead ear, so I'm going to cut this entry pretty short, how unlikely for me you know ^^

So I've been hearing about all those movie opinions and gossips like about, you know, cast and other stuff... So I said, why not do it myself? So, here I go :D Promise it won't last long :]

the real blog entry starts from here-------
Here's what I think actually.... I think they should at least inform the audience about the events before the first book you know, during the war, how people were like at that time, good old 1800 scenes and maybe end it with that part which Skul meats Val for the first time, it would be pretty stunning and mysterious... But I also have my doubts about this... If they decide to make this a prequel then maybe there'll be trouble with the cast, since they need to find an actor amazing, cool and hot enough to play Skulduggery in the first place, which can be quite confusing to the audience. It's.... Pretty tricky... Seeing Skul as a human may be weird and unusual but amazing and magnificent at the same time because who doesn't like to know about a skeleton Detective's past!? * someone rases a hand*

So to conclude simply, I think this should be a prequel, but not in a very confusing way which can even make ME anxious, if you know what I mean, but I believe in Derek by heart, so I don't think it'll be bad if they don't make a prequel... So what do you think guys, I know I wrote pretty long but I really wanna hear from you, I really missed this blog posts, and this site and my sweet computer and of course you... wow, talked like my mom ;] So bye for now :)

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