So yeah, I'm not here, ahem, to write about my day today, cause you know, I've noticed that I'm being more annoying than I am usually soo...

.. But since you're insisting too much......Right yes OK, no,*talks to self* be strong... How are you today there? You look good actually, I'm sure you are you know.

Soo... we passed the few last minutes without any signs of a minor case of serious brain damage, but I'm sure it'll be at least one sign after another minute that's for sure so I better be quick this time. Don't judge, me babbling is quiet good when it comes to watching but if you're not, it can be quiet disorienting.

So, I was thinking... Why don't we discuss here about the movie you know, since my class' pretty fussy about the movie (including me) so... why not people :D ? (*oh... my cursor disappeared. ok its back again. didnt know what i would do if I was left without a cursor any more seconds.. I would be LOST in the world, God!*)

I myself would've been great for a villain or a complex good guy and I've always thought I was, ahem, too good for China so I would go with dr. Nye since I pretty much look like it and I'm starting to creep out people around me even more ^^ so yeah!

How bout you ;D ?-that's the point here? Which super sleuth genious would you be in the movie? ;]

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