Book Eights release date! Huzzah!

An email has been sent out. I point you to this link here: But if you're lazy, I shall paste the image: [1]. Still feeling lazy? Well, here's the important text:

"If you've been following Derek's blog, you'll know that he has written a third of Book Eight already. In fact, he's cracking on with it at such an amazing pace that we can now officially confirm that Skulduggery Pleasant Book Eight will publish on 29th August 2013.
"Yes, that's just a little over 7 months away. Or a mere 219 days. Only 5,256 hours. And if you want to know the minutes, you should get a calculator.
"Only kidding: it's 315,360.
"Derek will reveal the title on his blog soon - just another reason to check the blog page regularly. That, and he sometimes posts funny pictures of cats.
"Nor will that be the last exciting reveal of the spring, because the jacket will be revealed sometime after that, once artist extraordinaire Tom Percival has worked his usual magic."
— The email screen cap. you're too lazy to look at.

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