There's a new competition! (There's a question of how new, due to the long time it took me to get around to making this blog...)

Yep. It's for the UK fans only.

"To get your hands on these brilliant prizes, just answer the following simple question:
Gordon Edgley is, amongst other things, a horror writer and uncle. He is also dead. Stephanie, his beloved niece, is saddened by this unexpected event. In the first Skulduggery Pleasant Book you are introduced to the rest of Gordon's family. Name the other family members who make an appearance in the sample found on this website.

Yep. That's it. You also get a poster. Which can be found if you read this post that I definitely did not link you guys too. (I mean really, you found the link yourselves, right?)

And if you're HarperCollins Staff, I'm sorry, but you can't enter. Bummer.

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