thumb|340px|rightSkulduggery Pleasant isn't the only novel series I enjoy, I also love a small novel series called Ripley's Bureau of Investigation or RBI (I have other favourites There were supposed to twelve books, including book 9 about explosions, and book 10 about a haunted hotel, (I don't care that there aren't many pages or that the font's big. Whenever I read a book, I would only care about the story, not its number of pages or font size) unfortunately it was cancelled at the eighth book before the next two were published, but I want to bring it back. Please help out, go to the link before mention petition to write a signature on my petiton to bring the series back. If you had a petiton to bring your favourite book series back, I would sign it. Pretty please.

And that's my video for info, I'm MSKDwriter, not just JanusWriter.

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