Reflection Symbol This is where every young mage should start,necromancer elemental or adept alike you should register your self here your taken name your true name(if you have sealed it and ONLY if you have sealed it) your particular branch(es) of magic I hope soon that on this web page we will have an up to date registry of all young and old sorcerers alike.

Oh and if you have betrayed any order or cult(a rather vulgar word) for example the necromancer ( like me) just trace the symbol on the screen onto either your fore arm or your fore head but make sure not on a mirror

As from here let the registry begin of course starting with myself

Taken name True name branch of magic and description

  • Jasper crowe Scalthar Rouge necromancer and adept I have the ability to be a ghost to not be able to touch which is quite handy if the guy who just tried to punch me suddenly screams and explodes from the insides as I materilise inside him. though

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