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  • Kingbirdy

    Finally caught up

    January 9, 2013 by Kingbirdy

    Just thought I'd let everyone know I've finally gotten ahold of the most recent two books (yay Christmas!) and am back up to speed again. I'll resume editing again now that I am safe from spoilers, for the most part. Now if only I could get ahold of those short stories...

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  • Kingbirdy
    "And so, as we wave goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013 with open arms, I thank you for all your support. And I'm not just talking about the Minions who comment on this Blog, or the Minions who populate the Forums or the Facebook page or Skuldpedia or the Roarhaven page, or the Minions who obsess about Skulduggery on tumblr or have set up their own websites, and I'm not just talking about the astonishing artists and writers who frequent deviantART and those nutters who follow me on Twitter EVEN THOUGH I NEVER TWEET..."


    I mean, granted, it was spelled wrong, but that's okay, we still love you Derek!

    On an unrelated note, all this talk about NYE has me thoroughly worried about a certain doctor.

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  • Kingbirdy

    Well, we've gotten more from our source:

    • David Yates will be directing
    • Alan Rickman will play Serpine
    • last but not least, our very own Derek Landy will be on as writer

    And finally, we've gotten word from our source and can reveal that it is infact Derek himself! He let us know through Blogman12, who graciously passed on the info, along with these screencaps:

    EDIT: Yes, this was an April Fools'.

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  • Kingbirdy

    We received news today from an undisclosed but reliable source that production for the movie is about to get under way. The shortlist for the cast is as follows:

    • Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of Skulduggery
    • Jennifer Lawrence as Valkyrie
    • Bruce Willis as Mr. Bliss
    • Helena Bonham Carter as Crow
    • Katie McGrath as China

    Based on the current schedule, production is likely to start mid 2013 as Cumberbatch wraps up production on The Hobbit. We know Derek is on in some capacity, though whether that be writer, producer, or director is not currently known. The rights are believe to be with Lions Gate, currently riding the recent success of the Hunger Games movie.

    EDIT: Yes, this was an April Fools'.

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  • Kingbirdy

    Derek has put up the blog for book 7. It is to be called Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom Of The Wicked


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