at the edinburgh book festival, Derek will be selling copies of Death Bringer. Here is a quote from his official blog:

" We’re releasing it two weeks early so that the readers who attend the event can be the first to get the book signed- but there are some rules.

Rule Number One: The book will ONLY be available to buy for FOUR HOURS on the 15th. Once those four hours are up, the remaining books will be packed up and hidden away until the proper release date.

Rule Number Two: Those who DO attend and who DO buy the book must swear a solemn oath to NOT divulge ANY spoilers, not matter how much others may beg. ESPECIALLY not the twist in the middle!

Rule Number Three: Do not talk about Fight Club.

Over the next few days we’ll be putting up various things on the Skulduggery website and Forums and Facebook pages with more details about what’s going on, ticket information, things like that. For those of you who can go, the chance to get the book early is pretty cool. For those of you who can’t go... well... at least you’ll only have another two weeks to wait... "

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