• Manga Maniac

    Recently, Derek Landy (you may have heard of him, he's this author person) finally started his Twitter. To start with, he posted a fascinating tale about a girl called Mary told through tweets. It involved axe murderers.

    I've posted up a picture so you can read it unpreceeded by a bunch of other comments. Shall also have a non-back-to-front version later, so you can read it non-back-to-frontly. There may be future Twitter stories, too, so if you wish to subscribe to Landy, now is the time...

    Hmm, I wonder. In future, if this keeps up, may we expand this to a Derek Landy wiki? Landypedia, perhaps. But, the future.

    Read it as it was on twitter, from bottom to top, or read a top to bottom transcription of it.

    Alas, I think something is lost with …

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  • Manga Maniac

    "The Button" Is Out Now!

    December 21, 2012 by Manga Maniac

    Ah, the end of the world. No, not that one, the 21st December thing. Truly, a time for celebrations.

    For, you see, even if the world ends, there is a super-cool new short story! 'Tis called "The Button", and it's about... a button. But, this is no ordinary button. It can end the world!

    Read here, and quickly, because Derek's going to remove it on the 22nd/23rd.

    Unless you know how to Google, because frankly it's going to end up copy/pasted everywhere.

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  • Manga Maniac

    There's a new create-a-character competition for Australians and New Zealandians on Derek's blog.

    Derek wants a female character from Australians, and a male character for New Zealandians. There will be one winner from each country and the deadline is 11:59PM on New Year's Eve in whatever Time Zone you're in.

    And, at this point, weep for those in Canada.

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  • Manga Maniac

    "The Lost Art Of World Domination" and "Gold, Babies And The Brothers Muldoon" are now available for free on the official Skulduggery Pleasant website (or, at least the UK and Aus/NZ ones).

    Finally you may read the stories without having to pay £13.98 for the paperbacks. Unless you already bought the paperbacks, in which case... ouch.

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  • Manga Maniac

    Some updates have been done to Skulpedia! And by updates to Skulpedia, I do in fact mean updates to the Wikia service that we have absolutely no choice but to follow.

    To start this off, I shall start with one of my least liked updates. Wikia has made it so all categories are blue links... Including ones to non-existent categories. The reason I dislike this is because now there's no easy way to spot categories that aren't real, and I'm not exactly great typo-wise.

    Hopefully this won't lead to some things that happened to another wiki I heard about (namely, categories being misused as "buzzwords").

    I have some JS to to make unused categories red again, but it's personal use only and thus cannot be enabled wiki-wide. Just in case anyone wants to…

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