I've updated the images on the editting badges/achievements to be more Skulduggery-related. The badges' images are as follows:

  • Edgley (make 1 edit): Gordon Edgley.
  • Magician (make 5 edits): Valkyrie Cain in Playing With Fire, when she was just starting to use magic.
  • Adept (make 10 edits): Tanith Low, a well-known combat-based Adept. Spoilers: Consider this a memorial.
  • Teleporter (make 25 edits): Fletcher Renn, the last and therefore only Teleporter.
  • Necromancer (make 50 edits): Solomon Wreath.
  • Skeleton Detective (make 100 edits): You should really be able to guess who's in this one by just reading the name. Skulduggery Pleasant in the flesh, figuratively speaking, of course.
  • Killer Supreme (make 250 edits): Kneel before the all-powerful Vaurien Scapegrace. You have truly shown yourself as "supreme", at least as far as editting goes. I hope you've not been killing anyone.
  • Zombie King (make 500 edits): Some random zombie dude. Not artwork from Skulduggery, but a zombie's a zombie. For your reward for getting 500 edits, you may now be freaked out every time you go to your userpage.

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