Some updates have been done to Skulpedia! And by updates to Skulpedia, I do in fact mean updates to the Wikia service that we have absolutely no choice but to follow.


To start this off, I shall start with one of my least liked updates. Wikia has made it so all categories are blue links... Including ones to non-existent categories. The reason I dislike this is because now there's no easy way to spot categories that aren't real, and I'm not exactly great typo-wise.

Hopefully this won't lead to some things that happened to another wiki I heard about (namely, categories being misused as "buzzwords").

I have some JS to to make unused categories red again, but it's personal use only and thus cannot be enabled wiki-wide. Just in case anyone wants to use this:

$(function() {

Type that here.

User profiles

Ah, this is a change I'm more happy about. They've got a blog about this on Community Central which most logged-in users probably got a popup about. Go to your user page and you'll see a big block where you can click edit. This will give you the option to customise it. To see what it looks like customised, you can check out my userpage.

Useless information

This is basically boring filler in order to justify this being on this wiki and not just on Central, but here are a bunch of links I found referencing us on a Google search for "Skulpedia":

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