I've made some changes to the CSS and JS this wiki runs on, so there will be some differences in how this wiki works. It's probably for the best if you all clear your cache, in order for the wiki to function properly for you.

Run down of changes:

  1. No more image attribution. Some of you may have noticed that in some pages, thumbnailed images had a little "Added by USER" on them. I've removed it for now, though I'm thinking about restoring it. For now, I've removed it and we'll see how that works out.
  2. Contributions in user navigation. Some of you may have found it annoying to have to type out Special:Contributions/USER to get contributions for yourself. Well, no more! Clicking on your username in the corner will now give a link to your contributions along with the talk page, followed page and preferences stuff.
  3. History in edit menu. I've moved History from the "My Tools" section to the "Edit page" button, so it appears in the edit menu place (the place where you click to edit a page that also let's you "Move Teleport" a page).
  4. Collaspible tables! We can now have table that collaspe! We don't have any tables, but still...

I will glady revert any of these changes if none of you guys like it. I personally enjoy the history thing, saves a lot of time.

Now that I'm a skilled CSS and JS editor, I can do the following things if you guys desire it:

  1. Right-align the toolbar.
  2. Remove "Read more..." sections at the end of articles.
  3. Remove the category gallery that appears in categories.

Personally, I actually quite like the "Read more..." detail and don't see anything wrong with the Category gallery. I don't see much right with the category gallery either, but still.


In the New Wikia Look, better known as Oasis, the dropdown menu on the top of the screen (just right to the logo wordmark) has been extended from four things (Characters, Magic, Books, Community) to six things (now including "Objects and Items" and "People").

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