Some of you may remember when Wikia removed the previous Monaco skin and replaced it with the current Oasis skin. Oh, those were dark times, much metaphorical blood was spilt, wars were started, and many people died (also metaphorically).

One of the biggest complaints about Oasis was that it squeezed the content a little bit (or a lot, depending on who you ask) too much in the eyes of most people. After some complex technological skills (i.e. asking Monchoman for it), I managed to get coding which expands out content like in WoWWiki. In my opinion, this coding creates better space, makes things look less squished, and makes the site look generally better. However, like all things it has it's problems. I'll get to those later.

To add this coding, go to Special:MyPage/wikia.css (e.g. User:Blogman12/wikia.css) and copy/paste this into it:

.WikiaHeader {width:1160px;}
.WikiaPage {width:1150px;}
.WikiaMainContent {width:830px;}
.WikiaFooter .toolbar {width:1160px;}
.oasis-one-column .WikiaMainContent {width:1150px;}

As with all things, this will take some getting used to and is no means mandatory, but I highly recommend you all try it for a bit. However, some of you might have smaller screens, get put off by some of the disadvantages, or just plain like it smaller.

  • More space
  • Looks better (subjective)
  • Less squished
  • Some small errors (e.g. "The Books" section not fitting perfectly in the Main Page)
  • As most of the wiki was written using Oasis, some paragraphs might look a bit slim
  • Not the "norm"


Due to Wikia rules, I can not and probably will never be able to set this wiki-wide like the Recent Changes button or ability to italicise article titles.

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