Okay, so we now have the Fanon namespace activated on the wiki. Some tips:

  • Avoid creating Mary/Marty Sues. Flaws are an important part of every character.
  • Don't create relationships with canon characters for your fanon ones. It can work, but usually it just looks stupid.
  • Try to make things reasonably possible in the Skulduggery 'verse. If your character had the ability to bend time and space itself with only a thought, don't you think more people would try to get that ability and be aware of the character?
  • This is a wiki. Don't even try to own a page, it's pratically impossible.

Btw, I can probably give Fanon its own background. I'm thinking a lovely little pink background with one picture of a fandrawing on each side. I think it's fine for now, though.

On an unrelated note, we got spotlight! I don't think the actual spotlights up yet, but keep an eye out.

Oh, and I'll probably be going around the system changing every instance of "Photo" to "Image". This is less of a technical update, and more of just me being stubborn on terminology.

Totally trivial

Here is our page on Quantcast, which shows what are viewers are. According to it, we apparently have a slightly higher amount of female viewers, most of them have kids (I don't know how this measures... I doubt it's entirely accurate), and has not been to university (which is just swell).

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