As some of you may have known, for a while now when you hovered over the Entertainment tab on the global navigation bar, you'd see a little picture of Skulduggery that linked to us. Sure, the caption wasn't perfect (they didn't even mention Skulduggery was a detective as well as a skeleton and sorceror :O), but you never know how much you'll miss something until it's gone.

And it's gone.

We've been replaced by a link to Thor Wiki. The sad thing about this is that literature no longer gets any highlight outside of things that are crossed over into other things (Narnia is considered a movie wiki, and The Hunger Games and The Millenium Trilogy are Staff Picks). Thor Wiki itself currently has only 31 articles (none of which are exactly perfect), but hopefully with the hype buildup and the release of the movie, plus the attention it's recieving from Wikia, it might blossom into something really special.

At any rate, I still hate it for stealing our spot. Curse you, Thor.

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