Recently, Derek Landy (you may have heard of him, he's this author person) finally started his Twitter. To start with, he posted a fascinating tale about a girl called Mary told through tweets. It involved axe murderers.

I've posted up a picture so you can read it unpreceeded by a bunch of other comments. Shall also have a non-back-to-front version later, so you can read it non-back-to-frontly. There may be future Twitter stories, too, so if you wish to subscribe to Landy, now is the time...

Hmm, I wonder. In future, if this keeps up, may we expand this to a Derek Landy wiki? Landypedia, perhaps. But, the future.

Read it as it was on twitter, from bottom to top, or read a top to bottom transcription of it.

Molly Shortened

Alas, I think something is lost with the lack of real-time updates.

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