I heard that there were going to be auditions for the Skulduggery Pleasant movie characters, and that they were probably going to be held in Ireland.

I just wanted to make a point that there are hundreds of people in Australia who want to audition but wouldn't be able to get to Ireland for it.

How would I get a message through to Derek Landy to make a quick trip to Australia?

(Also, I think David Tennant would make a fabulous Skulduggery voice...and yes, there are plenty of conjecturing regarding Johnny Depp for the role of our fav skeleton so who knows?)

This is kind of irrelevant, but apparently the director is going to be David Yates and Derek himself is the writer '9thank god! I hate movies that don't do the books they're based on justice, although it will be a little thorny for Derek, since he initially did such a wicked job writing the first book)

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