Just to let you know - Theatre of Shadows is an on-going media event, released to herald the arrival of The Dying of the Light, the final book. However, chronologically, it takes place between Kingdom Of The Wicked and Last Stand Of Dead Men, following the chaos Argeddion created during the Summer of Light.

Of course, our Wiki is at the forefront of continuous events like this, already providing article on the likes of Moody Mountain and updating relevant articles like Silas Nadir and Erskine Ravel.

If you have missed part of the story, you can catch up with our complete set of correspondence released during the event, available at our Theatre of Shadows page.

However, we do need you help for one aspect. For any Operatives attending the live event in September, we need you help to provide an in-depth analysis of the event. Information on the characters who appeared, the locations visited and magics used are required to add to our database. We currently don't know if photographs will be allowed, or if official photos will be taken, but any piece of lore to add would be greatly appreciated. (This will all apply to the Requiem Ball event, too)

If you can take photos, make sure you prioritise canon material. While you can take as many photos of fellow operatives as you want, we're mainly interested in the "official" stuff. The Forums and other Skuduggery websites are the place to show off your "Fanon", not here (although it's perfectly acceptable to place fanon images on your User-page; see the Policies for more information.

Theatre of Shadows takes place on September 27th 2014

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