random pic for paperback Mortal Coil

Hello, this is my first blog. Here's some things you need to know about me...

Taken name: Vendetta Dare (so messed, I know)

Given name: Zoe (nick name: Skully)

Things I love: Books; Skulduggery pleasant, IT, Wither, Hunger games. Movies; nightmare before christmas, sucker punch, pAUL, ghost rider... Hobbies; Sketching (SP characters and Tim Burton characters), crocheting. Sports; Fall is Skating, Winter is snowboarding, Spring is scootering and skateboarding, and Summer is biking.

Ways to find me: Facebook; Skulduggery Pleasant media. Fanfiction; darkntwisted13. deviant art; skully4hire.

I hope I'll blog often, but if not you'll always find me on Facebook (Admin name; Skully or Vendetta). And I'll (try) to keep you up on everything Skulduggery and Derek Landy. Bye!


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